Jaylen Nutt aka “J. Carter” from Fresno, California. Music is an important part of my journey in life. I have been inspired to enter the Music Industry from an incredibly young age. Excited to be on stage, write, record, and collaborate with great artist. As a kid, I loved Chris Brown’s creativity and onstage presence as an entertainer. In fact, I would try all his dance moves. Now, I cannot live without listening to Nipsey. I am from California; you get the connection. His music will live on. Chris Brown and Nipsey Hussle are my top inspirations. Drake, J. Cole, and Bryson Tiller are my influencers. J. Cole is my favorite rapper, and my favorite album is “Forest Hills Drive.” All great artists and legends, thank you for paving the way for impactful music. Music can heal and transform many listeners in a positive way. It can connect us all, make us value our experiences and passions. Music moves us to tears a lot of times and can help to fight our fears with confidence. Lyrics brings us to realities of today or yesterday and causes us to deal with emotions that can transform the human experience in a powerful way. New lyrics are born in my mind, and I can return to my daily grind with a smile. It would be selfish of me to not share my gift with the world. My purpose of life is becoming a world-known artist. Inspire others around the globe. This is exactly what I have always wanted to do. Soon to be EP! Excited about great producers on the project. “AMG Flow”, “All I Can Say”, and “Vibe with me”, produced by KK. “Tell Me”, produced by RETRO1, and “No Rush” produced by Ashton Mccreight. Winter Nights in Cali EP! “Trapsoul”, produced by Prod. Dior, “Winter Madness”, produced by KK. “When I’m with you”, produced Ricci, “War Ready”, produced by IVN, “You Know”, produced by The Boy, and “Outro”, produced by JabariOnDaBeat. Join me in my upcoming creation and celebrate the beauty of impactful music that can penetrative hearts and minds in an authentic way! Stay connected and join the fans, as we enjoy great music together.

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